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  1. hello! had to create an account to ask this, think im being stupid asking it too :confused:

    Anyway, I'm helping to create this minigame on a server im HeadMod at, and when creating the hide n seek join signs it always puts the green glass behind the sign, is it possible to change this block? I can't seem to find where to change it.

    Thought it would just work changing it with W/E but it resets back to the green glass after a match has been completed in the arena.
    Its just the block really doesnt fit in with our minigame HUB.

    Thanks! :)
  2. i want to know too
  3. I got the has plugin set up but i am having an issue when you kill a block/disguised player it says they die but they are not set into spec mode so the game never ends. Also I want to know if there is a way to show the ammount of blocks hiding for each type. please thank you! @Wazup92
  4. Can someone please help me with this invincibility glitch i dont know why it is broken and i could use some help please. Any ideas? @Wazup92 @danyadanya
  5. Great plugin, but how can i solve the "issue" with hitboxes? If you use F3+B you are able to see other players' hitboxes, even when disguised as blocks. I am using libsdisguises by the way (the premium version, if that does matter anything?)
  6. on also
  7. We've recently installed your plugin on our server and encountered a problem. We created an arena but the non op players don't have permissions to use the command /has join. Is there a command to set the join permissions? On the spigot website we didn't find any.
  8. - hideandseek.join
    - hideandseek.joinfull
  9. Hey,

    I'd like to know if there would be a possibility for an autojoin command instead of an autojoin sign. We'd like to use portals instead of signs in our future lobby but sadly this plugin, unlike all of the other minigame plugins we're using, doesn't support the autojoin command crucial for the portal technique to work. Thus, this feature would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello,
    My "Trails" not working
    Permissions was added, but nothing else, no book in inventory in game.

    Please help me
  11. Can you add command to random arena join ?
  12. The plugin doesn't always block commands while in a game if the command is created using the PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent, could you raise the priority of your event to combat this?
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  13. the join with the sign dont work operator can but players not... i give the perms: hideandseek.join :/
    how can i make this sign work

    only me can join with the sign
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  14. This is not so much needed anymore, as we decided to approach the situation a bit differently. Of course this feature would still be useful if we'd want to change our system later.

    What I am more looking forward now is to see the shop a bit more customizable. We'd love to disable some features all together (like the perks and the chance modifier). At the current state those features can be somewhat disabled, but they will still show in the shop and we don't want that. Also it would be amazing if the disguise selector could be set as default for everyone and players wouldn't have to buy it in order to change their disguises.

    Otherwise, an amazing plugin and I'm waiting to see this in action on our server.
  15. Either the author is inactive or hasnt got around to fixing current plugins?
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  16. Sometimes players are not being teleported into the arena after waiting in the lobby. Is this a known bug (and is there a known fix for this)?
  17. Hi, from ComuGamers, the placeholders donĀ“t work
  18. when do you update 1.16
  19. placeholders not working for me either.

    They won't work in the shop menu lores or the arena scoreboard.