Spigot HideAndSeek 0.7


  1. Works on spigot 1.8 ?
  2. No sry the API i'm using is not supporting 1.8
  3. Hello. Very strange situation happened, I install your plugin and LibsDiguises on my localhost server, joined and typed command /has, and my computer crashed :(.
    I restarted my computer, and all ok but plugin don't work.
    I suggest fix this bug, and add powerup. (powerup - its "troll" item for hiders)
  4. Well can u send me the crash log
  5. Crash log don't saved. I will test your plugin in localhost without other not needed plugins.
    EDIT: I found my problem and fixed.
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  6. Your plugin don't support multiarena type? Only bungee?
  7. Correct
  8. You can add support multiarena? If you can so please add.