Hiding Potion particle

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  1. How can I go about hiding potion splash particles from people?
  2. Did you try reading the post? He's asking about hiding splash potion particles... not regular potions.

    For the OP, you'll need to use ProtocolLib.
  3. You don't actually need protocollib there's already a method to do this.


    Take a look at that.

    After the amplifier you can add two Booleans the first one being some ambient thing I just set that to false coz idk what it does and the second one is for particles, so you would set that one to false.

    So like this
    Code (Java):
     p.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.Effect, 20,0, false, false), true);
  4. That wouldn't really work. I think the particle on this represents the ones that comes off of the entity, like if you're invisible etc.
  5. That doesnt even make sense.

    Do you know how to do it with protocolib?
  6. Sorry! I was in a hurry and read your question incorrectly.
  7. OH you meant when an entity is splashed with a potion ohh. Sorry read it wrong
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  8. The reason why people ask for this so often is, is that they don't search the forum first and then just create the same type of help at a new thread.
    Next time use the Spigot Search function first ok?
    Here you go.
  9. I found that last night. I'll be looking at that later today.