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  1. Hey,

    So this is probably an issue not many face on these forums. My server is sending a rediculous amount of traffic (outbound) for the amount of players connected (~35). I setup a proxy just to measure traffic for myself, and noticed I was receiving a constant 5-6mbps which is definitely not normal.

    ^ This is what I'm personally receiving from the server

    You can see similar results from proxy side

    I actually went on my production server where we had about 37 online at the time, and noticed we were pushing 100-120mbps at times which definitely is not normal for that many players (largely inconsistent traffic levels as well):

    Our biggest gamemode on our network (not this one), which averages 90-120 players pushes about 30mbps at peak, which is normal.

    Any ideas? Thank you all so much for your help!

    ~ Steven
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  2. Update: It appears the server only sends high outbound as soon as you move. When you stay still, traffic levels are normal.
  3. Do you have any movement related plugins?
  4. So far all I can really see that might be movement-related are:
    - Citizens (perhaps?)
    - CombatLog
    - EchoPet
    - Essentials
    - MiniaturePets
    - NoFlyZone
    - PortalCommands
    - SuperTrails
    - WorldGuard
  5. So our host said outbound doubled around 16th/17th, these are all the files/directories in plugins folder that have been added/modified since then:


    Will go ahead and disable each plugin one by one till I find the culprit
  6. check your network compression value in server.properties, changing it can increase and decrease bandwidth usage iirc
  7. It's 256 which is the default I believe

    I noticed netty-threads was 600 in spigot.yml, is that too high perhaps?
  8. if you're behind bungee set it to -1 and try that

    i have netty-threads: 4 in most of the servers i work on lmao
  9. Tried this, no luck.

    It seems these issues only start about occurring after about 10 hours of uptime as well (gradual etc)
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    is it only a specific MC server that is doing it? Have you tried looking at the actual traffic from java, e.g. are you 100% sure that this is the MC server itself, and not say, other services on the machine; The problem with monitoring the traffic on a machine, is that sometimes you can't always tell where the data is coming from or going to, if you're 100% sure that it's a spigot server, I would highly suggest trying to see if you can get a connection proxy or a plugin that will log packet data, and see what is actually going on;
  11. Did you ever find the culprit?