High bandwith usage on 1.4.5

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  1. Hi! I don't know if this post it's well created here. I was thinking in creating it in "Performance Tweaking" or "Bugs" but it has nothing to do with perfomance and i don't know if its a bug.

    Well, there goes the thing:

    Yesterday i updated my 1.3.2 spigot server to 1.4.5 #310 without the NMS commit. With a radio of vision of 4 and 50 players i was using 200-250 KBps, and now the server its using 350-415 KBps (reaching my connection upload limit) with 40-44 ppl online.

    So, my question is, why it uses more bandwith? Its because some new extra data on the blocks? Its because it updates the chunks more often?

    I only updated the plugins (and removed SpoutPlugin cause it was giving me problems with Books), the plugins are:

    Plugins (32): Orebfuscator, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, FlatlandsBuilder, VanishNoPacket, CommandBook, SimpleCommandSigns, Vault, Multiverse-Core, PermissionsEx, Questioner, MyHome, SignEdit, NoPortals, iConomy, HiddenCommandSigns, SkylandsPlus, RandomPlacer, Lockette, Modifyworld, SimpleReserve, Simple Poll, BookShop, CleanroomGenerator, LagMeter, Jobs, Towny, CreativeGates, Multiverse-NetherPortals, DeathControl, ChestShop, TownyChat

    I don't know what to think! If its a plugin i can only think on Orebfuscator, but it dosent convices me. I tried to disable it using ./ofc disable, but i didn't notice any reduction on Bandwith.

    So, any ideas to reduce the bandwith without touching the MCclient? Or anyone knows why it consumes more bandwith now?

    Any help will be appreciated!

    Thanks, Robert.
  2. I recall SpoutPlugin using a caching system; I haven't used it in a while. So by disabling it you would in turn use more bandwidth.
  3. Puremin0rez


    Orebfuscator does increase bandwidth, but assuming your using the newest version, it shouldn't make THAT much of a diffrence. Try running it in Engine mode 1 if you're not already :)
  4. Yay! I did know that, its allready in mode 1 :).

    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] Orebfuscator 1.7.6 is: Enabled
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] EngineMode: 1
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] Caching: Disabled
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] ProximityHider: Disabled
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] Initial Obfuscation Radius: 1
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] Update Radius: 2
    03:21:43 [INFO] [OFC] Disabled worlds: Zu, Zu_the_end, Zu_nether, Genubi, Schamali
    (It's only active in the resources world)
    That only works with spoutcraft clients! But it says currently broken anyway n.n.
  5. Well, 20 players right now, 253 KBps in average e.e. I think its to much! How much in average is the wight of a chunk?
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    Its a side effect of the async chunk loading. We are looking into providing a toggle or some sort of disable for the thing which is causing more bandwith.
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  8. Caching impacts on CPU usage not in bandwith!

    Hm, i really cant see why, it loads the same amount of chunks, but i belive you. I'll test with a not async version. Thanks!

    Also, do you know any way (modifing the client if neccesary) to consume less bandwith?
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    It sends more of the chunks separately apart, so the compression ratio isn't as good.

    Lowering view distance is the best place to start.
  10. Ohh, i understand, thanks. Yes, i allready lowered it to 4. You're going to add a option to disable async load in the next versions?