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  1. Me and my friends started playing minecraft again and I wanted to host a server. No plugins, no mods, all clear minecraft 1.9.x. We have played like 5 years ago on our own hosted server (lot of plugins, changing thousands of blocks with worldedit) with no lag with a much weaker PC and slower internet connection so I thought there would be no problem, but when I host a server I get a high CPU usage and the "Can't keep up" message.
    PC Specs:
    Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Skylake
    8 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM (2GB for the server)

    It is really weird that a CPU like that can't handle a server with 3 players. I have absolutely no idea what's going on, I have checked almost every forums, tried everything, but no solution. My older PC with a really old i3 3.1GHz could easily handle the server back then but my new PC struggles.

    Things I tried :
    -update drivers
    -update java
    -changing server RAM amount
    -creating new map
    -reducing view distance
    -setting different CPU core usage for server/client
    -start server on clean booted PC
    -trying different MC versions Névtelen.png
  2. Set your max FPS to 30, it works for me.
  3. Tried it, CPU usage is still over 90% and I stil get the "Can't keep up" message and huge lags. The fun fact is I even get the "Can't Keep Up" message when I start the server and nobody is connected.
  4. OMG DYING. I just checked out your processor. No, just no. Upgrade your processor now.
  5. Are you using the vanilla server jar? Why not just use spigot with no plugins?
  6. I use vanilla server. We use it because we just wanted to play and it was the easiest way. My processor is fine, it is a newest gen Skylake processor which is even stronger than the older i5s and I want to run a VANILLA server for 3 PEOPLE not some full plugin server for hundreads. This PC runs newest games with 60 FPS but struggles with a server that has a minimal requirement of a pentium 4 1.8ghz.

    Also as I mentioned before I used to run a server that is modded with my older PC, 4GB RAM and an intel core i3-2100 3.1GHz without any problems.
  7. One, you running both the server and the game one the same PC. Two, the vanilla server doesn't have all the optimizations that Spigot introduces to cut down on CPU usage. I would suggest switching to spigot just build the jar drop it in the folder and run it.
  8. He has two cores in his processor... everything will use a lot of CPU.
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  9. Your CPU is gonna skyrocket when you turn the server on... it does that for every CPU.
  10. Just don't home host. Hell, you'll get better performance with Minespan.
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  11. His RAM is 2666 MHz when his processor can only do 2133 max... that down-clock.
  12. Your cpu, is better than an i5 in some intensities. The I3 cores are similar to an i5, but that's the core not the processor as a whole. An I3 has two cores while the I5 has four, which means when you run a server, mc, chrome, etc. All those programs try to use a core, which the i3 no longer has, since an other program is using...

    I would just go for a small dedicated server from kimsufi($15-26) if you don't want to pay that much get a vps($13) from ovh, but they are not the best. If you plan to go with kimsufi, the KS-3C is good for what you need and it's cheaper than buying a whole new destop/laptop.

    Edit: The ks-3c will kinda be overkill for you since, you could hold like 90 players xD with like 20 plugins.
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  13. I used to have an i3-550, it has 4 cores... your information is sorta inaccurate.
  14. Yeah, I was briefly going it and it was meant for his cpu :p
  15. Alright, I get it. But how is it possible that we ran a homemade server for like 10 players with plugins on a MUCH weaker CPU?
  16. ... you probably know very little about CPUs. It's more than just GHz.
  17. I understand what you are saying but an Intel Core i3-2100 is much weaker than my Intel Core i3-6100 without any doubt and the 2100 ran a server without any problem.
  18. Welcome to SpigotMC. Use spigot. It's fast and stable.

    For your CPU:
    Yes it's faster than your old one but not much. I don't see a reason for it to be slow.

    Question: Why are you running in offline mode?
  19. Either him or one of his friends doesn't own a Minecraft account
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  20. Exactly, one of my friends doesn't own minecraft. But it doesn't affect the performance as I know.