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  1. Recently I moved a server from a shared host to a vps for a friend. On this new machine, however, cpu usage doesn't go below 30% while the server is running, and on high player count the whole vps freezes, kicking everyone. The server stays on, only reporting "X timed out". I've tried using some startup flags, (such as aikar's), but it didn't appear to help.

    I'm running Ubuntu 18.04, with this CPU: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/[email protected]+2.20GHz&id=2758

    I've also added a screenshot of htop and top, when the server had only 1 afk online.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. md_5

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    Who’s the vps provider?
    You generally don’t get the whole cpu unless its an expensive one.

    Normally VPS aren’t recommended for MC.
    Its either shared host or dedicated server.
  3. Contabo. I've ran servers there in the past, and had no trouble with 3 on one machine.
    I've looked into it, and afaik they never really specify if you get cores or vcores.
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  5. Use 4GB Ram +

    2 Cores

    The best provider is OVH, i used their vps to host, 0 issues, or their dedicated machines.
  6. But it looks to me that the Spigot Community Server is run on a VPS at Linode.
  7. md_5

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    Because a dedicated server is too expensive and I don’t trust a shared host for the job
  8. Do you use a standard server or a "dedicated" (CPU core lock) server? How many cores?
  9. There’s your issue, Contabo are very far from reliable.
    You only get vCores, for the price you pay don’t expect great performance whatsoever.

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