High memory usage

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  1. 30 minutes after starting on the server the memory usage increses a lot.

    There's Yourkit Memory Capturede;

    Code (Text):
    I see that a large amount of memory used. A screenshot from yourkit;

    I can upload if needed for analyze (snapshot).

    Bukkit version;
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    1.8.8 is no longer supported, There will be no fixes to outdated versions.
    However, saying that, the data you've provided doesn't show any issues, However, you've not exactly provided much information on anything beyond "hey, look at how much memory this is using". Also, Memory usage on a server will increase as chunks are loaded.
  3. I dont want use 1.9.x sorry
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    As I already said, There doesn't appear to be any issues. As stuff is loaded your RAM usage will go up.
  5. Then many people will not help you.
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  6. Spigot generally just loads everything to memory and never offloads it. It's their way of optimizing IO operations.