High ping/delay on some Spigot versions

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  1. I tried to see what changed on Bukkit or Spigot to make that, but I am not that expert to see.

    Here's a video that I recorded to show you, I used 2 plugins: Vault and UltraBans Lite. Ultrabans have a command that shows your ping, for me Its pretty legit considering that my 'cmd' ping test was 194 and in-game was 230ms.

    Well, I tested a lot of Spigot and Bukkit builds, the best result was on #794 and before, on Craftbukkit I didnt get any result with low ping, only 450+, like other Spigot builds.

    ts not in my computer the problem, even with 600 ping in-game, it was 190 on cmd, I am not downloading anything, and considering that Brazil -> USA ping is a bit high, if it increases more, my players will notice and complain about it (like its happening). My ping gets high with or without any players, so the problem isnt on my server or my connection.

    PS: I get the same result with Spigot versions (on block break "test", end of the video), but I only recorded using bukkit because I'm lazy to test every version, sorry u.u
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