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Solved High ping

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by SuperMonis, Jun 15, 2013.

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    This is because of a number of factors:
    1. The ping utility and the Minecraft client is not measuring the same thing - whereas speedtest is counting the time to send a tiny ICMP packet and receive it back (round trip), the client is measuring the time to establish a full TCP connection, send a Minecraft packet, receive a response and closing the connection (maybe).
      Just establishing a TCP connection adds quite a good deal of latency - the client has to send a SYN packet, wait for the server to send its SYN-ACK packet and then finally respond with ACK packet.
      This is already fairly longer (50%) than the ping utility, and the client hasn't even gotten to send the "request the message-of-the-day" packet yet. This will require another round-trip (depending on configuration - I know some operating systems piggy-back on the ACK packet instead), and now you also have to factor in the processing time on the server. (thanks aadnk for this explanation)
    2. You are measuring the ping to speedtest.net not your actual server. speedtest.net uses the closest server to you, your MC server is unlikely to be in the same city as you even.
    3. The MC ping has a delay of between 0-50+ms depending on the time you ping and the tick rate of your server.
    All in all this is not a bug, but a lack of understanding / improper testing by you.
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