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  1. Hi,

    I have antoher issue that shows up today. :(
    In the picture below is you see 2 online servers the one with lowest ping is the proxy server en the one with the high ping is the server where you join if you are joining the proxy

    Why is the proxy saying 1000ms and the server without proxy 30 ms?

    And can i fix this because when people see that a he has 1000ms ping they never will join

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  2. lol forgot the picture

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  3. Maybe you're hosting the server from the moon? Pings varies per location.
  4. Haha no :p its the same coutry but the point is that the proxy (with 1000ms ping) is connecting to the server with 30ms ping
  5. This matches a weird bug I have. Any server NOT running on 25565 appear to have the correct ping, and servers running on the default port have an inflated ping (around 1000 ms). Performance once connected is equal though (no noticeable lag). I am unaware of what causes the issues, but I assume packets are being limited somewhere?

    I know others who connect to the same server and have no issues with it in the server list.

    In short - unlikely a Bungee bug.
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    I get the same on wired, if I switch to my WiFi card its fine.
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    I think I remember Dinnerbome mentioning something about that bug with the 1.4 release.
  8. If I switch to our VPN the problem is also fixed (including to other servers).
  9. doing my own test my 25565 proxy was around 170 refreshed 10 times
    a direct connect to my towny server on a different port but connected to the proxy was 183 no noticeable difference

    just did the bungee command in the bc console and shit im running 405 build still
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  10. Did you get high ping during playing online games ? if yes, then problem may be in game server.You can try playing another online game.If the same problem occurs.Reset the Modem ....Un plug the connections,then plugin.You can check the ping using the methods below before playing the game and while playing the game...sure you can find is the problem in connection or in the website.You can check the Ping of the Internet Connection easily...To check Local LAN Connection Ping by using the Following method
    GO to start->run->cmd->Ping ip-address
    or you need to check Ping for website from your computer means you can reach here Whoisxy.com and do the Ping test for yahoo,Google etc...
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