High ping.

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  1. Hi, actually i have a server hosted in limestonenetworks, 32 gb ram, e3-1270 , SSD .
    But my only problem is the high ping with a minecraft server.
    If i put "ping ip" in my cmd i have a 200 ms (is the normal ping with all server because i from argentina).

    If I join in my server with the same host i have a 500-600 ping.

    Any recommendations or something to help me reduce this ping?

    Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Didn't you ask that before? Why do you create multiple threads?
  3. - location location location!
    - DDOS?
    - Server running at 20 tps?
    - Server have enough bandwidth?
  4. Location, dallas, is the best locations of usa for me, i have 20 tps, i have all the bandwidth (i pay the dedicated server yesterday)
  5. Sorry then this problem outdoes my skillset, sorry I couldn't help D:
  6. No problem, thank you.
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  7. vemacs


    do a tracert
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  8. How I can do that?
  9. Windows: tracert your_ip_or_hostname (in cmd)
    Linux / OS X: traceroute your_ip_or_hostname (in terminal)

  10. I think then problem may be in game server.You can try playing another online game.If the same problem occurs.Reset the Modem ....Un plug the connections,then plugin.You can check the ping using the methods below before playing the game and while playing the game...sure you can find is the problem in connection or in the website.You can check the Ping of the Internet Connection easily...To check Local LAN Connection Ping by using the Following method
    GO to start->run->cmd->Ping ip-address
    or you need to check Ping for website from your computer means you can reach here Whoisxy.com and do the Ping test for yahoo,Google etc...
  11. Ask someone else to join and see if they experience the same lag, if they don't you know it's your personal connection, if they do too you're looking at an issue with the server.
  12. Bouger, I'm from brazil, and as I know, argentina have a lot of datacenters and hosts. Why don't you try an argentina host? Brazilians have the same problem, we only have expensive hosts. But I already saw a host that is cheap and sells datacenters at argentina