Solved [HIGH PRIORITY] How to prevent villagers from locking trade

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by bys1, May 28, 2016.

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  1. How can I prevent a custom made villager from locking trades after doing the same trade a couple of times?

    Note: I don't care if this is the wrong section. I don't know where to post it else.
  2. You should and Spigot Plugin Help
  3. Ehm no. This is not even a plugin.
  4. konsolas


    Recipes have a MaxUses NBT Tag.
  5. Didn't work for some reason

    Offers:{Recipes:[{MaxUses:1000000, ... }]}
  6. konsolas


    How about you stop being unhelpful and paste the FULL command executed inside CODE tags.
  7. Code (Text):
    minecraft:give @p[14,20,234,1] spawn_egg 1 0
  8. Solutions?
  9. Well, I mean you have got the MaxUses tag set to 1337 so unless you actually do 1337 trades with the villager you won't see a difference.
  10. after 7 times the same trade the villager locks the trade and i want to prevent that.
  11. Try putting the maxUses tag after the buy tag.
  12. I saw it had to be MaxUses on a site. Had to be maxUses. Solved it myself.

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