High server load.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by leow00games, Jan 19, 2020.

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  1. I have a question about my server. We started new edition with over 300 Players in one place. Is there anyway to divide single map between multiple servers to make it more stables?. Like zones or something. I need help really quickly thanks.
  2. That I know of, no.
    I've never seen this done before.

    The only possible way it could be done, would be to have the exact same world seed, sliced up into the correct sections, have a custom script for moving players to a different server at certain places, and then all servers would need to actively update all players inventories across all servers, and other stats from other plugins.

    To my understanding, its just not possible, or at least, its not been done with success.
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  3. I heard about that on some big Factions servers. I am really intrested how they keep 1000 players, on 1 map.
  4. I think its mostly down to having good server specs, and Developers on the server that know how to make use of the great server they have.

    I've been in and around various big servers (The old VenomPVP Factions) and that had around 250-350 players during season 2-3, which was mad. It was 1 server, 1 map, all those players.

    The Developers were awesome and paid well, I think its purely down to HOW you use the server to get the most from it.
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  5. The server is running on nearly no plugins at all. Only necesery and server is built on dedicated machine with 8 cores and 32 gb of ram.
  6. Hi, in these cases you need ssd and a more powerful processor
    what is the server version, what are the plugins you use?
    you have tried to optimize your server to the maximum
    Have you tried reducing the view distance?
    It is important to have a good core for factions the more optimized the less load for your server, I also have some ideas
    the anticheat uses a large part of the load is the fault of the anticheats
    you could also put the spawn area all the players in vanish this can reduce the FPS dips a bit and when 5 spawn chunks move away they become visible
    you can also do /timings in days with many users with this you can know that plugins are causing high consumption
    I also recommend that the chat messages deactivate them in the console and only allow to see the commands that the users execute
    they are small ideas that you have to test
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  7. It is high end xeon Sky i used this Guide. I am running latest spigot.

    Plugins are really basic like essentials authme and customly coded factions. But they do not lag at all and plugin at all is rly basic.
  8. an SSD isn't really a boost, I have personally ran tests with my own machines, that has a ssd and hdd boot options with storage function.

    What is the Processor & Ram type? Usually the higher thread rating, the better, not necessary being the most expensive is better...
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  9. I already have ssd and i will just get custom plugin thanks for help.
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