Hiring A Developer.

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  1. Hello fellow spigot user's I am here today because I am in search of a developer, I am willing to pay for any work that is done and for plugin development. The requirments are that you are experianced with Java, Linux, BungeeCord, and Bukkit Api. Some of the work that would be expected would be plugin development, bungee setup, and overall maintenance of the server. The developer will have a choice to receive a percentage of server profit or a payment for each thing he/she does. If you are intrested in this oppurtunity please private message me or leave a comment below. Also feel free to reach me on my website fuzegaming.net, my username is the same as here, and have a nice day. Thank you.
  2. No offense, but youre looking for a 'developer' to set up your bungee proxy, a server, and maintenance?
    You know developers are guys who develop things right? like plugins
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  3. Mikgreg


    Sounds like you need an admin.. not a dev.
  4. Kinda a dead thread...
  5. Necropost
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  6. If you can't setup BungeeCord, its not for you.