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  1. Hello, so basictally i have a new server idea which I need created, its too long to explain so would be better to chat over skype about it.
    Anyway, here are some skills you may need.
    * TagAPI
    * Map generation (server needs to generate a cleanroom map about 500x500 blocks large, with "random minecraft terrain"
    * Server needs to be able to run multiple games on one server.
    * Basically, its a similar to dwarfs vs zombies, but without the Dwarfs and Zombies, this plugin will be Team1 vs Team2, after a set amount of time, a "wall" will drop in the middle of the map, the the two teams have to try and kill each teams "king", which will be a stationary NPC. So your goal is to build a defense building in ~15m to protect your King (npc). Once your NPC dies the other team wins.

    Skype: mrmime22
  2. How to make teleportsigns online!!!!?
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  3. latran2001 Mr. 11/12 year old (your username has 2001 in it) please stop hijacking other peoples topics. If you want help, start your own topic! The people here are very nice and helpful.
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  4. Puremin0rez


    Please listen to zaptrem =)