Hiring someone to help set up a server hub

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by KevinEssence, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I have 11 servers, and have no idea how to use Putty, Linux, or set up a server hub which I believe Putty is required to do so. I'm willing to pay someone to help me set up this server hub - bungee server. All I require is someone 18 years of age and older, and that is able to voice through Teamspeak. No personal information such as server passwords will be given out, I simply need a voice guide to guide me through the process. Thank you.
  2. I am willing to help you out but im not 18. Add me on skype: hockeygoalie2591
  3. I don't use Skype, do you use Teamspeak?
  4. No, but I can get it

  5. Please ;) ts.prxcraft.com:10005
  6. What channel

  7. Come down to mine KevinEssence
  8. If you still need help, I'm logged in on the TS channel. Give me a message and I'll join the same channel as you are in.
  9. I have hockey assisting me today, but if anything changes I will let you know. Much appreciated Spxify ;)
  10. Hockey you still helping?
  11. I can help tomorrow. I am not 18, only 14, but I don't see what age has to do with this. I do have a teamspeak server we can use. It's not public so it's nice and quiet. Just let me know if your interested, happy to help.
  12. I still need help yes..no one has assisted me :p
  13. When's a good time for you? I can do it in a few hours.

  14. I'm free most of the day, pop on Teamspeak and I should be there :p
  15. Outlaw11A


    I'm 18, willing to help.
  16. You all have my Teamspeak, just need a guide to teach me how to set it up ect. and I'll pay.
  17. I don't see your chanel

  18. We now have a hub officially set up thanks to rguz10 for his awesome assistance!
  19. Get the DNS set yet? I was also getting the Connection throttle error with the HG servers.
    I also found some Bungee/hub plugins you might be into, let me know if you wanna install them with me. (Fo free)
    Possibly some other ones if you think they are good.

  20. Yeah we can set those up some time, have to run soon though. Teleport signs might be wise for hunger games that way they know what servers they can join. Oops editing throttles for that box right now thanks!