History of Spigot

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  1. JamesJ


    Are you going to add to best 2 days in history?
    When @nfell2009 joined, and when I joined ^•^
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  2. 'the more you know'
  3. Amazing. Just beautiful. A masterpiece.
  4. Brilliant, every time I read it
  5. To be honest, I don't really think this is comprehensive. I think it's missing some of the exposition, namely its origin (directly, Bukkit), in addition to some of the other things. I don't see how it's relevant to talk about how Spigot got more wiki staff when no mention of the revamped theme was made.

    And just so you know, just because I've been registered here for a month doesn't mean I haven't observed.

    How I miss the old yellow theme.
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    It's a constant work-in-progress. You're always welcome to edit it and add to it as well! :)
  7. I have read a few pages of the Spout post, and I cant understand why the people there loved the Cb++ so much.
  8. ZachBora


    I've used cb++ a few times. It seemed better? I don't remember... I think Afforess made that. He's a cool guy.
  9. When i first started my server, I used bukkit.(I was a n00b) xD And i grew from there.
  10. didn't know the history

    more interesting

    than i expected :)
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  11. Now, i love spigot
  12. Tao


    Let's sum it up, Spigot for the win.
  13. Legoman99573


    There should be a new era added:
    Buildtools Era.

    And can i add this in timeline:
    February 29th, 2016: Spigot 1.9 was releasd through buildtools with large API changes, and a script was made for old plugins (1.7 Legacy API) to try to make plugins compatable with 1.9.
  14. Please don't bump old threads.
    This thread is from 2015; in case it was import enough it will be added.
  15. Legoman99573


    Well, we are under buildtools era. I find it useful for people who want to know history. Bjt i forgot when buildtools made public use.
  16. This is a wiki page, not a normal thread. In this case, he had something useful to add to it, which is great.
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  17. Love Spigot much! :) Very much! I like using Spigot!