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  1. Hi there

    I am working on a real-life Minecraft plugin, but I am learning Java now,

    I want to get the following messages:
    If you hit someone with a stick:
    You have hit (user) with a stick
    If someone has hit you with a bow:
    You have been hit by (user)
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  3. learn first, before trying to make plugins
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  4. I can't completely agree with this. A lot of people, including myself, learn faster by doing. Doing can be easier if it's for something you enjoy (i.e Minecraft). Learn the basics of Java first, but there's nothing wrong with just jumping right in.
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    well, why everybody says that is because the forums get flooded with beginner java questions. of course you don't need to be a java pro when started with spigot, most of us weren't. its ok to jump right in, but you should not be asking basic java question here but use a proper java resource to fix your problems. thats how I started, and thats how many others started.
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  6. That's absolutely false. Even though you enjoy more by jumping right in, you produce low-quality, poorly coded and unoptimized code. As a result, new programers decide to release their resources with all those flaws, and actual servers run them. It also results in a complete clog of this forums, that gets filled with extremely basic Java errors that have nothing to do with spigot at all.
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  7. Not entirely true.
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