Hitdelay broken probelm

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by leelee, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. hello everyone , its me again

    im doing a arenapvp server but now i got some problem
    the problem is hitdelay broken
    like players hitdelay should be 1 second but sometime it like 10ticks
    i have searched some word about hitdelay in my arenapvp plugin project
    but theres no codes will effect the hitdelay

    and i found something very werid after debug

    when that player's hitdelay is normaly , the nodamage tick will up to 20, 19 , but if it broken , the nodamage tick will keeps 0
    so i want to ask , is theres any action will effect the hitdelay without any code editing entity's damage tick?
    (im sure its my plugin's problem , i have old arenapvp.jar's backup , and in the old one its works great , but i forget to backup src LOL)

    thanks eveyone readed this thread :D

    btw please ignore my bad grammer , google helps me : D
  2. you can decompile you'r jar to get you'r source back
  3. Delete every other plugin and then see if your plugin is even to blame.

    Congratilations, you managed to not use the single most used thing every software developer in the world should be using; Git.
  4. The plugin it too big
    And my new version have updated too much
    I tried so much time , but it still broken
    I’m sure it’s my arenapvp core problem
    I have said in old one it’s works great
    Yes , I finally know why developers using Git
  5. On you'r IDE Ctrl+F to find EveryScheduler, Event cancelling, etc to know if nothing would be able to change that
    Or fur Huge loop, already happend to me but for building (Too much action before and to heavy was making a slow each time)

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