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  1. Hello,
    I am developing a network and am wondering what these specifications could hold in terms of players.
    In addition to some questions marked "Q" at the end.

    Note: As far as I am concerned, the plugins are extremely well optimized as well as the custom spigot it runs off of which means they should not be factored that negatively on performance.

    Note: This will be spread through 2 hubs, and 2 main game servers.

    Note: We have around 15 or so plugins.

    Note: Server is PvP oriented.

    Note: We have a fair budget of around $1,000 for advertising which may potentially draw a fair player base of a couple to few hundred.

    "OVH 64 OC"
    Basic configuration
    CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz
    RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
    Disks: SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe + 1x4TB SATA

    Should I just rock the 1 dedi across the network? I have been told multiple times that it is fine however after some research people are saying the 250mb bandwidth and 1gb burst bandwidth can go up to if needed will kill me.

    If not, should I just buy multiple smaller dedis across the network and what would be the best solution for this?

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  2. Go with the one box for now, it can probably handle up to 1k players. 250 mbps will be fine, however, if you notice an issue stemming from that (you shouldn't), you can upgrade to 500 mbps
  3. Why do some people recommend multiple smaller dedis?
  4. No clue. You shouldn't be thinking of buying more until you have close to 1000 players really, and then you wouldn't want to get lower spec'd ones
  5. Another thing, any estimates for the ram needed per server?
    I figure 2gb for each of the two hubs but idk for the main two pvp servers.
    I don’t want there to be a garbage collection issue but I don’t want to only put 8gb and have an issue with lag.
  6. Estimating ram is hard to say. Maybe try to start with 4GB and if the server cannot keep it increase it. If it handles everything easily well maybe shrink it a bit. Bungeecord only need 512 to 1024MB. The rest is of your own choosing.
  7. I was going to do 4 gigs for each of the two hubs, 1gig in bungee, and 25 in the two main servers leaving 5gb left for reserves.

    My problem is, I don’t want there to be an issue with garbage collection which supposedly can happen due to the amount of ram being put into one server.

    I do not want there to be lag caused by this on our release which is why I’m in this situation.
  8. the G1GC is aimed for larger heap sizes - you should be fine.

    I'd highly running Aikar's flags too: https://mcflags.emc.gs
  9. What constitutes as a larger heap size?
  10. Above 8G I'd say. However, Aikar's flags work well for all servers that are using above 512mb of RAM, so practically every server
  11. Hmm.
    It is factions.
    I have never tested with real players at anything over 75 but a friend of mine worked for a factions server which had 500+ players so I could ask him but he is on holiday and not available rn.
    Any thoughts on factions and the levels it will cause?
  12. If you're running Factions then you'll definitely want to have a powerful CPU, 7700K should be fine. You definitely won't want to get less powerful boxes.
  13. Figured that or a modern E3 but I know the 7700k OC'd to 5ghz works wonders in Minecraft especially.
    Only other option is 8700k however it is not available on the boxes I want that OVH sells.

    Once again I am stuck on RAM.
    Say one of the pvp servers gets 500 players (an insane amount I know but just to be extra secure), all creating factions, pvping, mining, smelting, farming, typing in chat, executing commands etc.
    WIll the 25gb be plenty or too much? I know the general rule is around 25-100mb per player however how accurate that is I do not know really.

    What about the 250mb bandwidth spread through the 2 hubs and 2 pvp servers while this is occurring?
  14. AMD's Ryzens and Threadrippers seem to perform better than 7700Ks / 8700Ks too. I know Hetzner sells Ryzen 1700X boxes, or if you DM me, then I can get you sorted with a server with a CPU of your choice (can't post details here since it'd be advertising, sorry to any Spigot mods if this still counts as advertising).

    Wouldn't put 500 players on one server, ever. I'd recommend making 2 different servers as about 300 players (e.g. "PvP Realm 1" and "PvP Realm 2"). 25GB would probably be too much. Start at around 6GB I'd say, and increase as needed. Probably wouldn't go above 16 though.

    More or less. The servers will just use it as needed, you don't have to dedicate a certain amount to each Spigot server.
  15. What would warrant the use to have 500 on one server? I presume a dedi for that server itself if it reaches those levels.

    In addition, so you can have around 1k on this box but only 300 per server on the network allowing for 3 - 3 1/3 servers on the network if ran off one box?
  16. I meant don't put 500 players on a single Spigot server, ever
  17. It isn’t default spigot.

    I utilize a custom Taco Spigot with HEAVY edits which I had developed.
    I know it can hold 850-1000 as it held 1300 bots at 20TPS so I figure the 300 or so difference should account for some minor differences made by real players.
  18. By Spigot I meant Spigot and its forks.

    Those bots weren't running round, blowing up tons of TNT, PvPing and generating thousands of chunks per second were they?
  19. Running around but that is it.
    It’s all good, we aren’t reaching 500 players on one server for our release, it was just a number to be extra secure.
    We were going to put the player cap per server at about 300-350.
  20. Anyway, you are sure that the one box will not be a problem?

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