Spigot Holiday Mobs 1.0

Makes mobs look Christmasy!

  1. Screenshot of the mobs please :) ?
  2. Ok ill upload one or two
  3. Doesn't work...

    Just appears the head of the default skin of Minecraft...
  4. I think you're having a bad connection to the skin servers, because it works when i test it
  5. And what can I do against that?

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  6. Can you send me your config file?
  7. Yup, I restarted twice and it stills not working...
  8. Did you restart your game?
  9. Yes...
  10. Weird, it works on all my servers... Any errors in the console?, can you try spawning Mobs with spawneggs?
  11. Do the heads drop when u kill the mobs
  12. I think it has the same dropchance as a zombie with leather armor.