Spigot Holo Death message [Phal] 1.5

kill a player and a death holo spawns. simple.

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    Holo Death message [Phal] - kill a player and a death holo spawns. simple.

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  2. Not even a screenshot? Permissions? Commands?

    And what do you mean you were FORCED to upload a plugin, which i assume you made...?
  3. it was made for a server and server owner told me to upload it :C its simple and old i worked on the koth plugin after this and never came back to this if i come back to it i would like to config the timer and add faction hooks to have a players faction in the name of the death holo
    ex : [Fac] [Rank] Player1 rekt [fac2] player2
  4. That seems logical, but i think if a screenshot was included it would help quite a bit.

    If it is uploaded to spigot to me that means you are open to changing bugs, edit it to suggestions etc... no?
  5. yea you are correct i will make changes if requested
  6. @Phalenex /kill player give errors. Also can you add full custom message?
    DeathMsg: ' {victim} got rekt by {killer}'
  7. /kill gets it confused most likely with killer being console
  8. Does it also come up with a message if you die via lava, drown, fall damage, starve, mob, explosion etc? (so other than just player kills). Also is there a cooldown time (so after 10mins from that death the hologram disapears)? - If i am to use this on my faction server, the last thing i want is holo messsages inside bases (whereby the location of the hologram cannot be used to place blocks) - this and the fact it must get quite annoying if it is permanent. (for those who live near the location of the death message)
  9. They delete after 60 seconds and as of now it spits errors when a player isn't killed by a player nothing to be concerned about and if a player kills a player then kills the same player it removes the previous if it wasn't deleted to prevent duplicates
  10. I put a screen shot for you and made he message configurable and I don't see why it would need a command or permission doe
  11. "I put a screen shot for you and made he message configurable and I don't see why it would need a command or permission doe"

    Permissions especially would be useful so that if you only want it to occur for certain ranks or more importantly in specific worlds it can be customized using permissions. So if i have a factions world and a survival world, i may not want this plugin in survival, so in the permissions defined for Factions you give whichever groups you want the permission, to allow separation.
  12. So in the case that a server runs two server types on the same server but in different worlds say one world it's soup PvP and the other is a creative world ? I think I see your point now I'll update it with permission tomorrow and I'll see about putting a clear command to delete all holograms generated
  13. The command you mentioned is an idea i didn't think of actually... But yeh that would be helpful. And you understand my reasons for permissions correctly.
  14. When im finished with my plans today I'll work on it