HolographicDisplays bugging out

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Cool_Dude_53, May 16, 2015.

  1. So in my plugin, I cancel the chunk unload event because of my custom entities, but I have found that if these entities are in the same chunk as holograms registered through holographicdisplays rather than my plugin, the holograms not registered with my plugin disappear. So the way I fix it now is by invoking the holo reload command every player join, but this is creating unnecessary lag. The only other way I see around this issue is to register the holograms that are in the same chunks as the ones I'm unloading through my plugin. Do you guys know of another way around this?
  2. Well I found a slightly better way of going about this, so if anyone has this issue here's my solution. Every chunk unload event, I check to see if there are holograms(armorstands) in the chunk and if there are, I add them to an arraylist of chunks and then if a player moves into that chunk, I force the console to run the holo reload command.