HoloLens - Microsoft's Holographic Lense

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gober, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Hey,
    Quick question, any of you got this?

    Worth the price?

    Does it require any special maintenance?


    I personally think this is unbelievably awesome from what I saw on the trailer and some youtube videos.
    Just wondering if it really does.
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  2. As far as I know it's for the Bedrock Edition which is pretty crappy at all aspects. It looks cool, but there is no particular use for it.
  3. Can you explain how it's crappy, I'm interested in knowing because I haven't seen much of the Bedrock Edition?
  4. I can't really explain how and why, but the whole game seems like it's a bit quanky: the movement of the player, the hitboxes, the graphics, the menus, and basically everything. There is no quasi-connectivity, making lots of redstone contraptions impossible. There is no way to mod / script / program the game other than the primitive .json file addon systems. It still has the crappy old combat system, which many people would like, but not me. Mob spawning is bugged out. And the whole point of the Bedrock Edition is to make as much money as they can. Bedrock Edition is what Microsoft have produced since they have aquired Mojang, and they have kept Java Edition the same, with the same team responsible for developing the game.
  5. yep, I have four of them, and we use it along with Kinect to let us interact with blocks (picking up blocks with our hands)
  6. Really? Is it awesome? xD
  7. ya, totally. I wish its screens were bigger.
  8. You bought them for work stuff or for those funs xD?
  9. Strahan


    Looks cool, but I prefer a VR representation of the MC world. Feeling like you are actually walking around in the world is great. First time I wandered my world with the Vive I was taken aback at how steep stairs are, felt like I was gonna tumble down them lol.

    Hololens MC would be great to have as a server administrator. I'd love to be able to have this god like feeling of looking down on a world sitting on my table and watching the people play, not knowing when I'm lurking over them hehe.
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  10. True, I would dream to have it xD

    Would be so fun to can roam around with no cables as if there is really a hologram
  11. Honestly, the FOV is VERY, VERY low. It's cool, but I wouldn't spend more than $300 on it. It's pretty cool to try though.
  12. Yep, It would be cool to play mortal combat.
  13. Yeah, it would be pretty sick. Hopefully they release a cheaper version with a larger FOV.
  14. I personally went to a local microsoft house near barcellona and they were showing to people holo-lens , they're pretty good but still it's in beta and it's not released to the pubblic.

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