Premium HoloMedals | Donater Perk & Reward for Events/Achievements (1.8 - 1.13.2) [Paid]

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    HoloMedals | EXCELLENT DONATOR PERK! (1.8 - 1.10) - Add collectable medals that display holograms above players' heads: like 'title' from other RPG game

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  2. This plugin is great.. but i wan't know this plugin can make lag for my server?
    (my server is ~100 online member)
  3. I guess it won't make too much lag for your server. Even though it makes little lag you can reduce it by setting update period 2-5 ticks in config.
    Hope you like this plugin ;D
  4. Heey,
    I'm a developer myself, and I'd like to help you maintain this project.

    Are you interested? c:
    - Pr0totype2
  5. Thanks, but I'd like to keep this work by myself. Sorry :(
    But if you have any ideas let me know them xD
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  6. Could you make an optional permission based system so if they have a defined permission, (e.g Medal is called 'Donator', permission is 'holomedals.medal.donator'), they see a medal in the GUI? Would make things so much easier instead of having to give them separately.
    EDIT: Also a small language thing, 'You has' when getting or losing a medal should be 'You have'
  7. Nice idea! I'll add it on the next update.
    And sorry for the little grammer issue I'm not very good at English xP
    I'll fix it very soon. Thanks!
  8. I look forward to the update, thanks for the prompt reply :)
  9. Forgot to add, when removing a medal that people have, it unequips all medals no matter if it's the one I deleted or not
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  10. Could you please add PlaceholderAPI hook? Ability to place the medal into anything like scoreboard & chat
  11. Hi! great plugin, will thinking into buying soon. But are you able to make the hologram cycle through e.g. if player has been assigned multiple medals it will be rotated every X ticks or something like that, it WOULD BE really cool if you're able to that! Thank you :)
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  12. Modifyable per medal, please! ^-^
  13. Sure I'll add it soon. Thanks for cool idea ;D
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  14. Amazing idea, I never though it. It'll take time but I'll put it on my plan thanks :)
  15. I just wanna say that this idea is super cute and it's a great incentive for people to donate on your server. :3
  16. Can't wait for multilines Holo, good plugin by the way :)