Home hosting on Rasberry Pi?

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  1. I was thinking about hosting a server at home on 4-6 raspberry pi 2s(1gb ram each). I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this or anyone has done this before. Also, do you think that it would be a good solution (i.e. How much would it decrease my internet speeds 24/7, cheaper than vps, etc)?
  2. That would be a terrible idea.
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  3. elaborate?
  4. Its a Pi.

    They're incredibly underpowered and its a waste of your time to ever expect to run a successful non lag-ridden server.
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  5. Home internet will never be better than actually hosting in a data center. Also, it won't be cheaper than a VPS if you consider that you are paying for internet and electricity monthly. Overall, I think you should just be hosting in a datacenter (you'll be surprised how cheap it is) if you plan to do anything serious with your Minecraft server. The initial investment on a VPS will be cheaper than buying 4-6 Pis anyway.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Raspberry Pis, but they aren't exactly practical for hosting Minecraft servers (especially on home internet).
  6. If you're up for a challenge, sure ;)

    There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to hosting on a Raspberry Pi, although I definitely wouldn't recommend it. The primary reason I wouldn't go with hosting a Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi is that it can barely handle a vanilla server with 1 player. It might work out, but don't expect to be able to run a fairly manageable server on it!

    Raspberry Pi's are definitely cool, but they're not made for running a Minecraft server on them. There are many other options, though - have you got an old PC lying around perhaps? :)
  7. I mean it's not something that I would be actually using, and I have hosting, but I was just wondering if it would be cool for an experiment. Cause theoretically you can hook them up together and get around 3gigs of ram. But I would assume the performance is poor.
  8. You can't just connect 3 raspberry PIs.

    I guess you have seen some of these PI clusters, but the applications they can run are heavily multi threaded.
  9. Its a bad Idea over all.
    30 $ for 1 Pi...

    30 * 6 = 240$

    240 : 12 = 20€

    For the same amount of Pi's you can get a $20 VPS for one YEAR!
    And this are only the Pi costs. Then you have also Electricity.
    5 W * 6 = 30W

    And then you have 6 GB Ram, 1 Gb each. And the operating system also takes ram for each RPI.

    Sorry for my Bad English... im german
  10. I'd say if you already have the Pi's laying around then do it, it would be nice to see the results, if you do not already have them then don't bother, as @GalaxyCoding has said, for this idea it's a waste.
  11. Ya, I have a bit of experience doing this. You might want to try out Cuberite for any ARM computers as it is multithreaded. Even then chunk generation will peg all cores temporarily.
  12. I've been running a very small Minecraft server on a single older Raspberry Pi with 512 MB RAM for a while. It was OK for two players (which was good at the time, because I just played with my brother). To make it run well, I had to:
    • Be very careful with plugins, install just what is really necessary.
    • Set a low viewing distance (I think it was just 5)
    • Pre generate the world (so no chunks need to be created while you play). I used the WorldBorder plugin to do that: setting a border and then using the fill command to generate all chunks within the border.
    So yeah, I'd say it is fun to set up and it is great to see it run, but it is very limited. If you want to do anything bigger and with people who you don't know personally, then I'd really suggest not to use home hosting but getting a VPS or dedicated server instead.

    The Raspberry was a really nice first server though, I've learnt a lot with it. :)
  13. Again, it is just an theory, I'm not planning on doing this, and it would really just be an experiment
  14. You could get a cheap OVH VPS the highest plan 14 usd which is 8 gb, very cheap.
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  15. Well, it's possible. Some people have put Raspberry Pi's together, working as one computer (like this or this one).