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Access your homes in an easy way!

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    HomeGUI - Access your homes in an easy way!

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  2. Hi, nice plugin :p
    I set 10 homes (testing) and nothing appear when i use /home, no errors in console, 1.8.8 spigot and essentialsX
  3. Thank you for the kind words! ❤ Wait, when you say nothing shows up, not even the gui?
  4. exactly, no gui, no errors in console, only "Yhenko issued server command: /home". :/
  5. I contacted you.
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  7. Thanks for responding to my review so quickly! Yes that is what I mean but only like a couple of rows not all 54 slots..
    maybe like 18.. or 9...

    also maybe you can add a rename option?
  8. I could definitely add the iron bars but maybe as an option. And about the rename, I'll look into it seen as though essentials handles the homes. Anything is possible...
  9. I have a hint and a doubt
    You could add more items in the icons menu.
    Is the home limit 54?
  10. why would you even need more than 54 homes to begin with xD
    I don't think this supports multiple pages anyways
  11. It doesn't support multiple pages, but it does support you configuring the whole 54 items to chose from as icons. As for the home limit, there is no home limit. Essentials + a permission plugin determines how many homes each player can set. The only limit is the GUI you could have 300 homes but only 54 of them will be displayed. I don't think alot of people would want more then 54 homes in a GUI. But if you really really want to I could look into it.
  12. I don't even see myself using 3 rows of homes tbh xD.
    I would be fine if it was 18 as the limit in the GUI
  13. Yeah I don't see myself or any server using over 18 homes. But the option to go over it is there and it wasn't that much more code at all to add in.
  14. For now, it does not need to be, it's just a doubt.
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  15. I do like the idea of multiple pages on the icons. If more people want this implemented ill definitely try it!
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  16. I'm also thinking maybe instead of the GUI opening blank when you have no homes set it can send you a message saying like..
    "You don't have any homes currently! Please set one with /sethome [name]!" which can be changed in the config.

    also it's weird how the ordering of your homes are set..
    like if I did
    /sethome test1
    then /sethome test2..
    /sethome test3..
    /sethome test4..
    /sethome test5..
    /sethome test6..
    /sethome test7..
    /sethome test8..
    /sethome test9..

    this will fill the entire first row but even if I set it in this order it somehow doesn't work like that in the menu?
    it's ordered in the menu as
  17. I will add that 'no homes' message in. Essentials must order its homes weirdly on coords or something I can definitely change this. Damn I need to write this down.
  18. well I'm not sure it's the coordinates issue because I set all 9 homes in the same exact spot. it's just not ordering them in the correct order.
    I don't think it's your plugin doing this because when I do /homes (an essential command to list your homes) it's in the same exact order as the GUI.
    I don't know if there's a fix for this or not.
  19. Yeah I'm using the direct list essentials gives me. I could reorder in alphabetical order. Or based on what world or coordinates. I think time based would be difficult unless essentials stores that data somewhere.

    By the way thank you soo much for extensively testing my plugin!
  20. The homes data is stored per player file in the userdata folder in essentials, if that's what you meant.