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  1. So I homehosted my first server and I wanna test it. But I dont know how to find it's IP.. (obviously its not the one I am using). Do I need to find my public IP and give it (without the port). My friends tried to connect to it multiple times but they couldnt. (I have set the stuff I needed at the router settings to open it).
  2. If our running it at home, you will need to test it first on your pc. To do this, open your wireless info on windows 10, and find your ip. It should be like 192.168.0.## and thats your local ip. Then, check and see what port is in your server.properties file in the server, and the port it has, defualt is 25565, and set your ip to the server IP. Now you can join it on your home network.

    For others to join this, you will have to set up port forwarding in your router, to allow outside connections. So your friend would enter: YOUR.PUBLIC.IP:port (this ip can be looked up with “what is my ip” on google)
  3. I have done the port forwarding and gave him my public ip to join (along with my port which is 25565) but he says he cant.. Wanna add me on discord or skype to help me? If you have some time ofc.
  4. First of all, ask your Internet service provider if what you are doing is allowed under their terms of use.

    Then if their answer is positive, ask them to get a static IP address. (they are generally not free) After that, you can give the static IP address you have as well as the port if it is not 25565 by default. Otherwise you can give the IP address only
  5. I'll be more than happy to help. Click the image in my signature and I'll jump into a call. Will let you know the cause and fix after we're done.
  6. I had homehosted a server around 2 years ago with the help of a friend and the same internet provider. As far as I remember they don't have a problem with that. Thank though.
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    It's best to leave it blank. You do not have to enter anything there to make it able to be joined on the home network, as blank = listen on all interfaces for connections.

    Good luck with that. Most ISPs will not issue statics to residential accounts.