Spigot HomePlus [1.9 - 1.16.2] ▸Set your home, highly configurable ● PRE-RELASE 3.9.6

The best Home System for your Spigot/Bukkit/Paper server

  1. HomePlus v1.0

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  2. hiho is this plugin with sql support?
  3. The plugin currently doesn't have this feature.
    It will be added soon. Don't forget to review the plugin, thanks!!
  4. What are the permissions for players? I want different ranks to have different amount of homes :)

    Amazing plugin :)
  5. Is there a way to allow players to only be able to set homes in a specified world?
  6. Hi plasmanpug0019!

    Currently not, but I’ll add it because it’s a nice thing!! Thanks for the advice!!
  7. cool! thanks for responding!
  8. Hello! First, I love this plugin, very nice. I am however having difficulty setting permissions for my players. It seems that everyone can set as many homes as they wish, even homeplus.homes.vip and homeplus.homes.mvp are false. I'm new to this stuff, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something.
  9. Hi nolanrobe!
    Yes, I’ve noticed this little problem too!

    I am currently recoding the plugin and I will try within these days to fix all possible problems!
    Sorry again for the inconvenience!
  10. Hello, nolanrobe!
    A new update has just come out, that should solve all your problems! Try it and let me know :)

    Don't forget to rate me on Spigot ;D