Spigot HonestShop v2.5.1

Honestly, it's time to get honest with our shops!

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    HonestShops - Honestly, it's time to get honest with our shops!

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  2. Does this support like all the shop plugins or does it not even need a shop plugin and just detects any sign behind a block you can click through.
  3. No shop plugin required (it's just looking for the sign), I did it that way so it's compatible with everything. Also by not touching the chestshop plugins it really helps keep the plugin lightweight as possible. Besides, that just adds extra complication to the system; the plugin is intended to help the player make a better informed choice on whether to trust the chest shop or not (such as in obscured shop signs, reading the text on the sign in chat makes a huge difference) without requiring them to install bulky, often poorly written, client-side utilities.
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