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Solved Hopper Anti Lag

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Endless1989, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Endless1989



    our Survival Server seems to have some TPs Issues lately, after people began to create Hopper Cactus Farms.


    I saw this idea on a server, where the owner changed his hoppers to stop them from using so much ressources.
    Basically what he did was changing the interval when hoppers try to suck up items, and the amount of items. So instead of trying to suck up one item every second, he changed it to like 15 Items at once every 15 seconds.

    Does this make any sense? And if yes, would it be possible to add this to spigot by default- of course people who dont want this can just disable it in the config then.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts
  2. Looks like it wouldnt be hard to do...
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  3. Endless1989


    Thanks for changing it to accepted, not sure what it actually means now though.

    we managed to change some stuff to reduce hopper usage from plugins. Now all thats left is bukkit i think and i cant change that.

    This is the current Timing report. TPs increased abit, but still not good - especially for 100 users online.

    With 105 People Online
    About 8000 entities and 15500 Chunks in Total.
    The Main world has a 20,000 Radius and is a freebuild world. 8800 Chunks - 6100 entities.

    Thank you for reading
  4. I reckon it's craftbukkit or the actual game causing that lag as the OP said above. Also thread stealing much, he pretty much closed it.