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  1. I have a factions server. There are SEVERAL hoppers. 3,000+ in one world. They are all slow and every few minutes, there is a lag spike. I check timings, and it is tile entities. I expand, and it is Hoppers. I am not a developer but most of the things say "InventoryMoveItemEvent". I tried to use HopperImprovements, but it spams my console with errors saying "Could not pass InventoryMoveItemEvent". So I am willing to pay for someone who has/can make a hopper plugin that will fix these lag spikes. Or a fix that anyone knows, I just am desperate to fix these lag spikes.

    Timings: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=a80235be2e154797824b1aca6a5896c0
  2. That is the one I tried that continuously spams my console with the errors and drops the tps to 3.
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  3. Oh my bad lol, should've read.
    Since I tagged Phoenix maybe he will reply with some insight.
  4. Hope so. I would ask for support but it hasn't been updated in 4 months.
  5. Have you checked out the Spigot.yml config in the base server directory? It has some options for hoppers and how they function.

    Also, see this link for more information about the file.
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  6. Yes but everytime I change it or in paper it doesn't work.
  7. @Xgoldenman16X and @BrettPlayMC do you know if under "world-settings" in the base configs, do I have to create a section for each of the worlds or just have the default one
  8. You would need to specify the options for each world, yes. It's all explained here.
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    Well if you have errors and want them fixed you should really report them...
  10. Ok
  11. Just reported it.