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  1. Hello using ASkyBlock i have a plugin looking after custom enderchest and inventorys i would like to know if i can make a plugin that can items and put them in to the enderchest (i have a methord to get the Enderchest inventory for a player and a location)

    The end goal is this

    Having a hopper going in to a enderchest under a cobble gen. when a player mines the cobble it goes in to the hopper then the EnderChest Inventory so that the player can see it in there ender chest inventory
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    You can't insert items into EnderChests because they are player specific. To do this you need to specify which EnderChest to insert the items into, and then insert them manually.
  3. Try using an InventoryMoveItem event to get the item that goes in the hopper, check if the hopper is facing in the enderchest, then have a HashMap of player's placed enderchests and their locations, so you can get the player's enderchest from there and transfer an item every 20 game ticks or whatever you have hopper transfer set to the server.
  4. As i said i am custom handling enderchest inventorys

    i can try this now :)