Spigot HopperFilter 2.6

Very simple easy to use hopper filter system witout any commands or interfaces

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    HopperFilter - Very simple easy to use hopper filter system

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    In' n Out

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  3. Like the other guy said it doesn't work for me either and yes I put item in frame just like the picture on the web page. It just all flows thru.
    This was done on my test server with only this plugin, CMI, and luckperms. Tried as OP as well but no luck. I am on paper latest version and MC 1.15.2. What ya think else could be issue? Thanks.

    Log: [15:18:10 INFO]: [HopperFilter] Loading HopperFilter v2.2
  4. Okay that's weird i've visited one server that uses this plugin and i think it also runs on paper
    The server ip is "nightunity.com"
  5. I've downloaded paper1.15.2 and the plugin from this website myself, tried it and it works perfectly.
    Is it still not working? If it is so then you could contact me directly and hopefully we can figure it out :)
  6. Ok so what I did was delete all the configs in the root of the main directory, let paper regen all the configs and now it works. Most be some optimization that was changed in one of the yml file. Have to now find out which one was changed that is stopping the plugin from working.
  7. I put a item frame on the hopper, 1 chest above and 1 chest below. I place a diamond in the item frame. I put stone, wood, granite in the top chest and they don't flow thru. I place in diamonds, and they also don't flow thru unless they are placed in the first slot then they go thru and the other items stay. Does the filter only filter on the first slot?

  8. This is a video of issue.

  9. Oh ok i was able to replicate the error you are experiencing and im trying to fix it :)
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  10. Update!
    Hope your problem got fixed ;)
  11. Thanks!!! Just got home from work so i'll give it a run and let ya know. Thanks!!!
  12. OK, that fixed that issue. Here's another video that shows off another funny issue! Here Goes!!
  13. Ok that’s not how it’s supposed to be what did you actually do? What started the diamond production?
  14. It seems that if you place in more than 1 diamond at least 5 or more (also does with other blocks) then you open the bottom chest before the items have passed thru, you get the duplication happening. Hope that explains this.
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  15. You can add support for 1.8??
  16. Hello!
    I recently started using this plugin on a small server for friends and family, and noticed two issues with the plugin.
    The first issue I encountered, is rather gamebreaking. If there's a single item in the first slot of a chest, it gets infinitely duplicated.
    This can easily be recreated by placing chest - hopper - chest, and then placing a single block or item in the first slot of the chest, and it gets infinitely duplicated.

    The second thing issue, is more of a lack of feature. I have currently set my server to move 10 items per transfer, and delaying the transfer by 8 ticks. This is configurable in the spigot.yml file. What I would suggest is for the plugin to check how many transfers it should do according to the spigot.yml file, and then follow the rule as set by the spigot file.

    As it is per now, it moves 10 items per move, but not when there's a hopperfilter-frame on the hopper. It behaves like default minecraft with the filter on.

    Keep up the great work!
  17. First of all, this plugin is amazing. It does most of what I am after here and simplifies a lot of the item filters across our server. It'd be awesome though if there was a way to add fuzzy filtering to this too.

    What I mean here is that if an item with additional NBT or damage data goes through the filter, it's still classed as the same item. This would help out a lot for fishing or mob based farms to help filter out the armor, books and such from the standard drops.

    Keep up the good work!