Hoppers break as soon as they transfer an item

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  1. Don't know why, but all of a sudden on my 1.14.2 spigot server hoppers started to break as soon as they transferred an item. Don't know if this is a bug or something in a configuration file. I am using the plugins, EssentialsX, GriefPrevention, My own plugin, worldguard, and a few others. Any help is appreciated
  2. probably worldedit or griefprevention if you ask me
  3. How did they break?
  4. You likely have the chest-access flag set to deny on the encompassing region.
    You probably want to set it to /rg flag <region> chest-access -g nonmembers deny
    which will allow hoppers to continue moving items without allowing non-member (players) to.

    edit: just realized OP is a month old .-.
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  5. I have the exact same problem with latest Spigot and WorldGuard.
    It works great outside the region, but not in it.
  6. Is there any solution to this?
  7. Same issue here...
    We've to wait for this worldguard 7 issue to be corrected. In fact it will be necessary to be able to add the hoppers to the region like members. I have not tried yet but maybe we have to add the member "hopper"? :unsure:
  8. Not sure.. but not even i (as OP) can use it.
  9. There is no bug here - hoppers already act as members of the regions they are in. This only happens because you have denied some relevant flag on the region, such as build of chest-access. If a hopper can't pull items, a normal player added to the region wouldn't be able to either.
    This is a common issue when people think that they need to set "build deny" to protect a region. If you can't figure out what's wrong with your region, post of screenshot of the output of the /rg info command, or just globally disable hopper protection in the worldguard config (though this will allow all hoppers to pull items out of regions)
  10. I don't use the flag "build deny" so you can't just assume that this is the issue all the time.

    I use these flags in spawn area:
    Code (Text):
    pvp: DENY, mob-spawning: DENY, damage-animals: DENY
    ..and these flags in a sub-region (in the same spawn area) where the hoppers are placed:
    Code (Text):
    ALLOW, interact: ALLOW, chest-access -g NON_MEMBERS: DENY
    Anything wrong here?
  11. Hello :)

    Yes, I know it's been 8 years that I use Worldguard on my server. But this time, it's not normal: this zone was created years ago with the flag "chest-access deny" and until version 1.14.4 (so Worldguard 7) this transfer worked quite normally.
    This phenomenon that breaks hopper during a transfer through the edge of the zone date since I installed version 1.14 with Worldguard 7.0.1 rc2. This is not normal, unless the developers have changed the operation of hoppers with the "chest-access" flag, but I did not find anything about it (doc, wiki...). Anyway, if that were normal, the hoppers would not break but the items would just be blocked.

    I think this is a bug, or an oversight on the part of developers
  12. I have the same issue, did you find a solution?
  13. No, i haven't fixed it yet.
  14. damn, it's so random
  15. ...anything yet?
    Sorry if this considered a grave dig, just also desperate.
  16. Nope didn't fix that.
    Still a worldguard bug..

    • Hello there !

      I talk about this problem to one of the authors of Worldguard. Unfortunately he does not want to admit that previous versions did not work the same way, and for him it is not a bug but a will.

      Here is our exchange for those interested (original location: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/worldguard?comment=4935 ) :

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      Posted Aug 17, 2019
      Hi !
    • Is a correction planned to fix the problem of hoppers transferring items to a region with the "chest-access" flag?
      Unlike previous versions of Worldguard, now hoppers connected at the edge of such a region breaks when an item needs to be transferred. This is very problematic in some cases.

      Thanks for your work !

      server: spigot 1.14.4
      WG: worldguard-bukkit-7.0.1-rc2-dist.jar

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      Posted Aug 19, 2019
      In reply to Chevels:

      Can you join the Discord and discuss it there? It sounds like what you're talking about it intentional except for the breaking.

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      Posted Sep 1, 2019
      In reply to me4502:

      Thank you for your answer.

      Yet it's been years that I transfer items in this protected area using hoppers and despite the flag "chest-access" set to "Deny" for non-members it worked very well. It's only since WG 7 that my system has broken because of this problem.
      I'm talking about the transfer of items from an unprotected area to chests located in a protected area: now items can not cross the border of the protected area whereas in previous years it worked.

      This change in behavior of WG is very problematic for us...

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      Posted Sep 2, 2019
      In reply to Chevels:

      That has always been what WorldGuard has enforced. If it wasn't, that was either another plugin overriding behaviour, or a bug in Spigot.

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      Posted Sep 3, 2019
      In reply to me4502:

      it is very strange indeed. It worked well for more than 5 years ...
      Is there a way to allow hoppers to bypass this limit? (flag, config...) Or is there any hope of seeing a feature allowing hoppers to transfer items under such conditions? Because I understand that the chess-access deny forbids non-members to access the chests, but why the hoppers ??
      The biggest problem is that even hoppers in the area can not receive items from an external connected hopper. Because if it did not block the hoppers between them, we could transfer items in this area.

      I think before that, the chest-access flag did not block transfers between hoppers.

      Excuse me for insisting on this but I think it deserves to think about it.

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      Posted Sep 4, 2019
      In reply to Chevels:

      Anything inside the region that doesn't have an "owner" is considered a member. Hoppers on the inside of the region are therefore members, and hoppers outside of it are not members.

      Allowing them to transfer between each other would break the protection of the area - the point is that non-members should not be able to modify inventories in the area, which allowing that would cause.
  17. Could you send your plugin list, maybe it is a custom plugin you have
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  18. I'm having the same issue, when a item enters on a connected hopper it breaks by itself if an item doesn't enter the hopper it doesn't breaks
  19. Is there any solution to this?