Spigot HopperTransport 1.2

Hoppers as vehicles!

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    HopperTransport - Hoppers as vehicles!

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  2. lol that looks funny
  3. It's a fun idea, no, a great idea. Haven't seen this before. I do however wonder how this effects the server considering that vanillahoppers from start is one of the most common problem behind lag.

    No complains, just a thougth and a question. :)
  4. It shouldn't cause too much lag and you could use the default "inventory above hopper"-trick to prevent the lag caused just by the hoppers.

    These are the timings of 3 players constantly travelling through the hoppers (keep in mind that the server only had around 512MB of memory assigned)
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  5. when i run this plugin i cant move items in and out of my hotbar