Solved Horse Bug - Players Location does not update

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  1. When a player drives a horse, from their client side everything is normal.
    However, from other players' perspective their positions does not get updated. So they fly on air.
    How can i fix this?


    I disabled all of the plugins. It does not change anything. I had the problem at spigot 1.9. Now, I am using spigot 1.10. The problem continues.. :/
    Can you guys help me? Maybe i am doing something wrong with spigot.yml?

    EDIT: This is not about Plugin development. I am sorry, created the thread on the wrong forum. (I am just used to use this forum.)
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  2. @ta1ha what does the server tell you about the location? Does it update normally? Then no, the bug is 100% clientside, and can only be fixed by Mojang in the next release.
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  3. The server tells the correct location. However, all of the other clients are not able to see the player move, only one driverless horse jumping around.
    What else can i do?
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