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Like your horse? Now you won't teleport without it. [NOT JUST HORSES!]

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    HorseTP - Like your horse? Now you won't teleport without it.

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  2. I really like this idea :D
    But i have an issue when running this plugin in spigot 1.8.7. It gave some errors
    Here the pastebin link for the server log:
  3. Hmm I though I had fixed that issue with v1.2.3? Anyway I'll take another look at it:)
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    HorseTpWithMe Release 1.2.4

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  5. Alright, I just released 1.2.4, and I think I got that bug squashed ;)
    If your still getting the error, you might need to show me your whole console log
  6. Thanks for the quick fix :D
    Everything is now working!
  7. Happy I could help
  8. Is it for specific teleportation commands or any teleportation? And could we exclude it from applying in certain worlds (meaning teleporting from X world to Y, and we don't want the horses to be accessible in Y, so simply disabling that world will simply not teleport them into it).
  9. The horse won't teleport unless the player riding it does a command like /home for example. It will work with any teleport command from any plugin, as long as the player riding the horse is the one doing the command. If you teleport a player from the console, that player will teleport without their horse. I disabled teleporting horses through nether portals, but minecraft doesn't let you go through nether portals while riding a horse anyway. And as for choosing whether or not the horse is allowed to teleport to a specific world, there is no option that is p[art of the plugin that lets you decide which world horses will teleport into. I can look into adding this feature if you really want it. Hope this helps. ;)
  10. Yeah, would be amazing if we could disable certain teleport commands from effecting the horse, and also certain worlds.
  11. I have a Problem: I tested the Plugin on my own PC that has Win7 and Java8, it worked perfectly :)
    And then i installed it on my Server that is running Linux Debian and OpenJava7 and it isnt starting there... Does this Plugin require Java8 ?
  12. I compiled it with java 8 compliance level, making it a Java 8 exclusive, but its a bug, so I gotta fix it. give me about an hour after I post this.

    Edit: I just re coded it for Java 7 and 8
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  13. You could add a way to get the horse teleported to you like /htp horse to tp to it or /htphere horse to tp it to yourself.
    And maybe commands to heal the horse? Or make something in the config so it can't be damaged by something like fire, falldamage, suffocation and that. :))

    You could also add an way to disable other players to ride your horse and maybe add something to add friends to your horse.. Like /hadd friend <player> /hremove friend <player> /hlist
    Maybe a way to put it in your inventory?
    Got lots of ideas!

    I hope there's enough to do or I can probably come with more.
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  14. @ThaaatName I'm working on commands that teleport the horses around, but I'm having trouble identifying the horses to their owners. So when I work that out, I can add a whole lot more to the plugin :). They are good ideas and I hope to add them soon.

    And @BiGUNMAN I haven't forgotten about the features you wanted. Its just hard to fully get all of this to work.
  15. Okay :))
  16. Is there any chance this could be made to work with Essentials /tpa as well

    It makes horse so much more useful but my players only have /tpa to save noobs forn/tp killings
  17. @Wilbo123 I am aware of essentials being a pain with /tpa... and I am working towards fixing it.

    essentials dismounts players before teleporting them soo this could turn out to be a problem with essentials and something I cant fix. I also made this plugin to go on servers that use essentials so believe me, I find this just as annoying as everyone.
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  18. Would anyone at all mind if I remade the /tpa and /tpahere commands that are in essentials and give them the same permissions (remake them to support horse teleportation) and add them as part of the plugin?
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