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  1. guys contabo vsp is good for a minecraft network?
  2. No, oversold hardware.
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  3. Would recommend a Shared Minecraft Host instead of Contabo
  4. what about
  5. They had in the last 14 days multiple router failures in their falkenstein location, some cloud nodes went randomly down for a few hours.

    I had some important stuff running in falkenstein and nuremberg.. Due to the downtime of falkenstein I lost several small tables which were important for storing the data from my databases..

    If you want to get good quality and cheap: OVH, very very low prices and sometimes downtine: hetzner
  6. Hetzner's alright, but ideally you should go for fallout-hosting or even OVH/SYS if really needed to as well.
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  7. If you want a good game server VPS provider check out @MikeA host.

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