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  1. Hi, I want to host a network, it would be my first server so idk how many players could I get on. I tought to buy a VPS from Ovh for testing and building up the server and then switch to a dedi from Ovh too. Generally the network would be formed by 2 servers (factions and ffa, may add more in future). Ovh is a good hosting service? What host would you reccomend? Its worth to buy a dedi or i might just run it on a vps?
  2. How much do you want to spend on your network?

    A dedi from OVH is basically top of the line, they're one of the best hosting providers around. If you're going to be testing/setting things up for a bit, I'd just get a 1-2GB server from something like PebbleHost, then upgrading once you're done. Also, with a dedi you'll need to know at least a little Linux, so make sure you're comfortable with it.
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  3. I know linux pretty good, I think i would'nt have problems with it. Thanks for the advice of PebbleHost, i'm going looking for it and about how much i want to spend idk, it is my firsy server so i would have a budget of 50€/month is that enough? Thank you for your reply!
  4. If you don't know how many players you'd start off with, I'd recommend saving your money and starting with a good VPS or shared hosting service instead of investing in a dedicated server. Way too often I've seen people purchase dedicated machines, expecting several dozen/hundreds of players, only to realize that they don't need it a few weeks after release.

    Regardless of which option you choose, make sure you find a host offering a CPU with good single-threaded performance, it's not only about the RAM. A budget of €50/m should be sufficient for getting a mid to high-tier VPS or low-end dedicated server that can accommodate your needs.

    Since you mentioned OVH specifically, anything from SoYouStart's E3-* series or GAME-* series should suit your needs pretty well.
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  5. OVH is definitely not top of the line. They're a budget provider, and as such, their network isn't top tier, and their DDoS protection is utter shite, you can down an OVH box with a 3 gigabit syn flood
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  6. What would be high tier then? I've never really needed more than OVH has tbh
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  7. Psychz and ReliableSite are the 2 hosts that have a good reputation round here
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  8. I wouldn't care so much about ddos when you are just starting.
    Go with a host which has just any ddos protection and hope bad guys don't find your server and know weaknesses of your hosters ddos protection.
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  9. If you need a dedi go to - amazing company
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  10. After our experience with Psychz, and especially their godawful support, I simply refuse to support them as a company. ReliableSite does good work, though - they come easily recommended.
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