host bungeecord behind ddos protected ip

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  1. I've seen a lot of talk about it but never seen anyone say it works or not.

    Is it possible?
    Is it worth the effort?
    Any other issues?
  2. Using Javapipe, +80-100 ms.
    My servers are hosted in nothern France with OVH.

    Had a few issues with the proxy acting out but they responded quickly within minutes everytime and it seems to be resolved now.
    Other than that we have been attacked quite a few times without noticing it ingame.

    I am satisfied as I believe they are currently the best EU provider atleast.
  3. LiLChris

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    I would love to find a DDOS box with just the requirements to run Bungeecord near Canada (OVH BHS Center).
    That doesn't cost both my arms and legs.
  4. If money isn't a huge issue, contact md_5 about getting you a nice deal with Staminus, else, go with a java pipe.
  5. Javapipe is probaly the way to go for you.
    Javapipe is, imho, the best EU provider of DDoS protection. Also it'll "only" cost you 200$ for unlimited traffic protecting you against 1gbps attacks + they mitigate a whole lot more than that. I was attacked by 5gbps and they mitigated it after 5-10 minutes. Their support is honestly very impressive.
    Staminus currently don't offer europe-based servers/protection, why you shouldn't use them as of right now.