Host BungeeCord proxy on Raspberry Pi

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  1. I have a Raspberry Pi laying around doing essentially nothing. It's the Model B Revision 2 board with 512 MB of RAM. I know that it's possible to run a BungeeCord proxy on it due to Java 8 being released for ARM, but I'm not sure if it's practical or worth it.

    My network is currently running on older hardware (a pair of Woodcrest Xeons and 8x2 GB DDR2 memory), so I want to offset some of the workload to another device. I'm confident that the Pi can handle it at this point in time, but up to what point will it be able to handle the traffic? Is 512 MB enough for a lightweight Linux distro and a proxy handling up to 100 players? If so, do you have any suggestions as to what distro I use? I currently have Raspbian installed.
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  2. *watches*
    I can see no reason as to why it couldn't..
  3. And will a 4 GB SD card be enough? I don't want to have to go in and clean out log files on any regular basis.
  4. A lite version of Debian would ne great, uninstall unusefull packages and only keep essential and Java. 512mb of ram is enough for 100+ players. But you should have a really good connection.
  5. Log rotation...

    Raspbian yeah
  6. I wouldn't recommend using a home internet connection.
  7. Yes Raspbian or Arch Linux is Great for Rasperry Pi.
  8. Guys, my home's external Internet connection is irrelevant to this discussion. It's enough to host a good 25+ players right now, and we may be switching to a better provider soon.

    I'll keep Raspbian since you guys say it's probably the best for this purpose, and @Cory Redmond, what do you mean by log rotation? Can I set BungeeCord to delete old logs on a schedule, or would I have to write a script for that?
  9. The wiki says 512mb per 500 players :3
  10. Remember to not run any GUI's. I don't see why it shouldn't be able to run a few tens of players :)
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  11. Yeh, I know that people have been able to host servers on raspberries so hardware shouldnt be an issue. But I think your internet connection may be. The main reason people dont home host is due to their connection being the bottle neck, not hardware.
  12. The 700 MHz CPU should be fast enough, right? Or should I overclock it to 1 GHz?
  13. Leave it, you don't want it melting. I melted the pink case that mine came in doing that.
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  14. :eek: Note taken.
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  15. GeorgeHousley123


    If you only use it for that one server it should be fine with bungee.
  16. I finally had some time today to get it set up, and it works great. Thanks for the tips, guys!

    Would it be a good idea to post a tutorial for this? RPis are fairly useful for home-hosted networks, since most people's home Internet bandwidth isn't wide enough to carry more players than a Pi proxy can handle.
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    Please, I want to try it on my one :p
  18. Video tutorial?
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    I don't mind, what ever is best for you :)
  20. Well, first I need to find our other Pi xD
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