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  1. For the last few months, I've been bumping into issues with a few hosts since I moved from my first one. This may sound like a rant, but I'm tired of having to fight with the server than enjoying it.

    I was with Intrippid for a few months, then I get a random notification stating I'm using more harddrive space than I should. Since they changed their choices of tiers for minecraft, I have no clue of what exactly I ordered. What I find disturbing is the fact of a limited size of 10GB harddrive space and $5 for every additional 5GB of additional space needed. All their tiers of choices say 10GB harddrive currently.
    Plugins (including all the image tiles for dynmap which is about 10-10.5GB): 11GB Main World Alone: 8-9GB, 1-2 Backups of worlds: 6GB, I was at 27GB alone. They gave me 1 week from the notification to fix this. No suggestions other than pay more to keep the server from crashing until the space usage was fixed.
    The only way I could have fixed this was remove the backups and dynmap. Needless to say, I wouldn't be nearly as upset if they would have not waited a couple or so months that I've gone over a harddrive limit. They don't even do automated backups of the server, they let the owners manage the backups through multicraft which only backups the main world, and that's it! No plugins, no other worlds.

    I was suggested, as they were friends, and I got a discount on the first payment. I was told, on their teamspeak, they had database setup I could use. Their multicraft hadn't been updated for the option and it took 3-4 days before I got an answer back stating they don't do databases. I gave up and traded up HawkEye for CoreProtect and lost the WebUI we enjoyed using to keep track of things. Then we noticed that when we thought the server had crashed, it was actually still running when you joined the server, multicraft's serverlog was not loading any info other than stating autosaving. Again, as stated, using multicraft, limited backups. Then today I noticed no one was on the server, I get told that no one can really do anything because it kept crashing. Come to find out, when someone joined and tried to do something, Essentials, Towny, and Citizens were spewing out errors. After doing some checks, they updated, with no notification, to 1109 build of Spigot, which uses MC 1.4.6. None of erroring plugins had updates for this.

    I would like to find a decent server that gives a fair bit of harddrive space at least, 35GB+, MySQL, 2.5Gb RAM, and if possible, no multicraft.
    Bonus if I could have a simple way, without having an FTP client do it, to go through and delete a file folder. I've spent hours, or couple days, moving old plugin files to a single folder to be deleted. I gave up one time trying to delete all the old tile data on Dynmap I just asked via ticket for someone to delete it for me without them explaining to me how to use an FTP client.
    One fad that seems to have died is SSH access. I know it's a security issue, but I honestly miss using it when managing the server than having to use JSONAPI and BukkitGUI to see the server console when the server is up. It would also be helpful for when deleting large number of files stated above.
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    Have you tried any dedicated servers? Since you stated you would like SSH access. Guess it really depends on your budget and what you have to spend each month on server hosting costs.
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    With barely a player base of 10, do you seriously need such a large world and spending that much?
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  4. Another one of these...
    - You do not need dynmap it is just a waste of time
    - Your world should not be 11 GB for your player base
    - core protect was better anyways seems to be in your league
  5. We have debated about going to a VPS system. After the issues we've had with hosts, we might.

    Where do you get the idea we have a playerbase of 10? Though it's usually our average, we've had days of more or less that. We plan to not go over a 25 slot server, most players like smaller servers, which is where we get a number of active players.

    We would like dynmap for viewing people's structures from above and access to chatting from mobile devices or computers. For a time, we did not permit the use of MC Chat apps as it caused players to randomly die, which turned into complaints. Along with NoCheat having a hayday with them having odd spawning. We have been letting people use it, but we have had issues with people joining and randomly spamming the chat, which anyone could do, but most do it while still floating in the air, which was leading us to exploits in the chat apps.
    I understand our world should not be that big, but we have had players out exploring, a lot, for good areas to build or raid. Players would search for custom dungeons and catacombs, along with treasures that would randomly generate, which we no longer use the outdated plugin. We used to have a world border, so I'm sure it would have been a much larger world. Thanks to it, we had a very filled square world. Thanks to dynmap, people knew where to look where other players have not been.
    We were happy staying with hawkeye as it worked. Why replace/fix something that wasn't broken to us?
    Thanks for the link, we'll take a look at it.
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    This is what led me to know your player base.

    Nothing is wrong with a small player base, honestly I plan to host other games and keep it small with a tight community. Though I would try to do it in more efficient method.

    1. Get a VPS
    2. Learn SSH
    3. Ditch dynmap
    4. Purge old data
    5. Reset the world for 1.7 as a fresh start. (optional)

    You say "Why fix something that wasn't broken?"
    Well to be honest your obviously here asking for advise cause your struggling to find a host, so we are giving you suggestions.
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  7. Thanks for the suggestions. Curious where you got that image though. The down activity on the server in the last week is due to the downtime from Intreppid forcing us down unless we paid.
    I have used SSH a lot when I was with HostedGameServers, but since the MineCraft Boom on Xbox, they had a major decrease in servers which caused a domino effect on their support, oddly. Really loved having SSH access back then.
    You read my mind on MC 1.7. We are planning on a world reset, though many active players would rather we allow moving structures over, such as large projects, which we agreed on, with certain conditions.

    The phrase was relating to the plugin, Hawkeye, not the host. Though thanks.
  8. no matter what minecraft host you use they will all bitch at you about mem cpu usage disk space they always find something to bitch at..
    same with vps servers shared shit just sucks all the way around.

    im glad to say im with a dedicated server but the last minecraft host i did use seems to me the best i have tried i have tried redstone beastnode and a couple others they all lagged bad and just shit customer service

    look this over

    thats the last place i used but sadly it does use multi craft