Host for 100+ users

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  1. hello i am looking for a dedicated server that can host 32 people who recommend, i want it to exceed 100 users at 20 tps.
    Thank you
  2. Are you willing to spend money or no?
  3. 1. 100+ User
    2. type server MMORPG - SURVIVAL
    3. location US
    4. budget 100 usd/month
    5. 1.16.5 version
  4. They have a lot of advertising, and they are pretty good, too. I use ApexMC and it works fine in the US. With your budget you can get 10 GB RAM for $50 a month ($37.49 your first month) or their new EX series with 15GB RAM for $80 a month ($60 first month).
    With my experience, they are pretty good. MySQL database comes in handy, you can make your own commands without any plugin knowledge, scheduled tasks, lots of backups, unlimited slots, and more stuff I am too dumb to understand.

    Edit: They also have testing server IPs your MC account can connect to, to test your ping before purchasing.
  5. Thank you bro, I have seen a lot of publicity for them
  6. Just look at ovh, it’s within your budget and they have servers that could definitely handle that playercount
  7. can you be more specific with the specifications of cpu/ram etc. to buy from the dedicated in ovh?
  8. You should look at single core performance and NVMe SSD. Everything else hardly matters, 32GB of RAM will be more than enough for one instance of survival server with 100 slots. Also for 100$/mo you can build a network of these.
  9. thanks for the reply <3