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  1. Good day fellow spigoteers.

    I am currently hosting my web server using DigitealOcean, mainly because I'm still developing the site and they gave me a $100 coupon. But, I feel like the server has gotten too weak ($10 version). I was hoping to go above 4GB RAM, and $40 seems a bit high for a 2 core processor.

    What I'll be hosting is:
    - Nginx + HHVM
    - MariaDB
    - IntellectualServer (~1GB RAM Java WebServer)
    - Some minor stuff

    So, what would you recommend? I'd like to have a decent ping to Europe, as that's where most of my customers and I are based.

    Budget: I really have no idea... I can probably go as high as $40 (for now - so, expandability would be a huge plus)
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    Vultr might be a worthwhile option ($32/mo for 4GB w/current 20% sale). RamNode SVZ will set you back $40/mo with more cores to spare, but SVZS is at $28/mo (at 2 cores and 4GB memory). All have European locations.
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  3. I'll read up on Vultr, but I don't quite fancy going back to RamNode. I used them before, and well... The server ran fine, until it didn't... xD

    Edit: Found this - So... Vultr might be a fun option :D
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    Well, I haven't had any serious issues with RamNode, and I've been using them for about two years.
  5. Actually, I might go back to RamNode. It's been a year since I stopped using them, and the issues I had seem to have been fixed a while back. However, I cannot figure out what plan to pick, as I am clueless when it comes to the topic of virtualization.

    What is the real difference between KVM and OpenVZ? And for OpenVS, Standard or Premium? :|
  6. Has anyone tried iwStack? (LINK). I just heard about them, and the prices seem too good to be true?
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    OpenVZ is containerization (a "container" that encloses your VPS), and KVM fully virtualizes a machine.

    Premium has more resource allocation, but is more expensive. Standard is cheaper but has less resources. I've found them to be similar in performance though.
  8. Are you dependent any apache features, because it would be cheaper to run nginx(optimized webserver) on a crappy VPS with DDoS protection?

    Edit: I'm stupid, I didn't see "- Nginx + HHVM"

    Edit2: I'd recommend ramnode, if you wanted a netherlands VPS.
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    Prometeus has been in the industry a while, so looks like a good choice to me. But don't get too overboard.

    Have you read the OP? He is already using nginx...
  10. I just edited it saying "I'm stupid" and added a "vouch" for ramnode.
  11. I might just go back to RamNode once I'm out of my credits on DigitalOcean ^^)
  12. Go has some coupon codes that you can get their economy plan for $1/mo, must buy 12, 24 or 36 months though and they charge the whole amount at time of purchase. They also give a free domain with purchase. You will have to find one that works on Google because godaddy disabled the ones I posted on another forum a long time ago. They want people to pay full price :p
  13. How is godaddy still relevant today?
    Over prices domains, Crappy DNS manager, VPEes that are slow, paid whoisguard, etc in my books is enough to drive away business.
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  14. Donations are cheap if you find the right coupons....

    I got 7 domains with private registration for $37.53

    Saved $70.17 off Regular price.
  15. Would SoYouStart be a decent option?
  16. OVH is a great web server host
  17. You don't need soyoustart yet
    I suggest a kimsufi ks2 if its just for webhosting
  18. Isn't kimisufi really bad? Besides, we might have to expand really fast :$ and it isn't "just" web hosting, as the things we are hosting can get pretty demanding.

    I'd also like to be able to host my own Jenkins and alike.
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    For webhosting you'd have no trouble with any of there machines.