[Host] Good hosts if you can't afford a dedicated server / VPS

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  1. Honestly, Some people in this world wants to start a minecraft server but don't have the funds to do so, so I'll give some good affordable server hosting websites in which the servers are low-quality such as MCProHosting or GGServers.

    1. FadeHost

    "No words, just quality hosting. The owner is a bit of a dick, but that doesn't stop this hosting from being one of the best!"

    2. BisectHosting

    "Precious minecraft hosting, not to mention the 24 /7 support."

    3. MPGServers

    "MPGServers, quality host of the century."

    4. EnviousHost

    "Everything is great server is up all the time , great support and performance.PRICE IS AMAZING!!!Can i ask what the average pending time is?"

    I tried several hosts over the last couple of years, but i have been with Envioushost now since May 2013, and the service has been great. The first thing that struck me was the lack of lag compared to previous hosts.

    I don’t play so much, but I don’t get complaints from the wife and son, so it must still be great!"

    5. FrostBiteHosting

    "There's nothing to say about this host. Just 10 / 10"

    Have fun with all these hosts and their amazing prizes!
    Glad to help those needy minecraft server geeks.

    // VPS SECTION // Suggested by @TheProGeek

    I understand some people are unable to afford a VPS, but there are some for as cheap as $3.
    Here you go!

    1. NetherByte

    More or less, one of the best hosting providers there is.

    2. RamNode
    RamNode has high performance when it comes to minecraft server performance. They offer plans as low as $15 per yeah!
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  2. I mean, VPS hosting is pretty cheap and you have way more control over your server, but this is a pretty good guide for shared hosting :)
  3. Thank you.
    Do tell me if you'd like any hosts added, I'll check them out and rent a server.
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  4. Add a VPS section to this as well!
  5. The main point of this thread is to give affordable hosting without VPS', But I know VPS' for as cheap as $3, so I'll add a section..

    EDIT: Updated with a VPS section!
  6. You forgot GGServers
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  7. Well, I personally believe those services aren't good.
  8. **Sarcasm incoming**
    No. GGServers is one of the most reputable hosts in the market. Their sophisticated servers can handle more players than Mineplex at any given time on their lowest plan. Trust me. You'll be more than happy by using GGServers.
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  9. Adding to the list.

    UPDATE: Added!
  10. I was actually joking lol.
    Also, 5Jelly isn't a good VPS provider. Their support doesn't even reply back. I'd suggest NetherByte.
  11. I forgot of NetherByte, lmao.
    I mistaken them for 5Jelly.
  12. No to OVH VPS hosting. Just no.
  13. Why don't you give them a try?

    What did you use to make your signature pic? I've been seeing alot of those. o_O
  14. I have used them. I currently own 3 dedicated servers with them also. Their VPS servers are just horrible for Minecraft hosting.

    Signature is just a URL, check the image URL of it and you can change parts to whatever you want (Not made by me)
  15. Hm, They aren't horrible, but you wanna know what is?
    A 1GB server purchased from them trying to run a panel + a minecraft server. That's horrible.
  16. Mate, GGservers on fleekkkkk :p XD
  17. Please remove GGServers. The poster of the review was kidding.

    GGServers is the worst minecraft shared hosts out there.
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  18. GGServers has been removed from the list!
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  19. Also, OVH VPS's aren't the best for minecraft hosting because of their CPUs. Maybe replace it with Ramnode?
  20. fne but ye better ad mc pro hosting they are bae leik day host HYPIXEL!!!11!!

    //Joking aside, Nitrous Networks has excellent quality and very reasonable prices.