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  1. The server is West coast US based as far as I'm aware and I'm Southampton based. My usual ping to American servers are ~160ms ping, which I find good... I mean, I've had 1,000 ms ping to servers before.
  2. I think the best thing about the host is the pricing for what you get. If you go to mcpro, they are expensive for what you get and you can't do bungey cord until you get a good plan.
    The online FTP is a bit fussy but it can be easily fixed by useing Filezilla.

    Filezilla App

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  3. Foxvific


    Bungee servers require less than 1GB RAM. You can rent a small VPS to run it.
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  4. True but if you go to Mcpro it will cost you 1024 MB $9.99 a month. But if you where going to Scala Cube it will cost you for 1500 MB for $5.00s a month.

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  5. Why do you guys like to hate for? Did he hurt your small priority feelings? xD, it's a review to me :)
  6. Has anyone used scalacube miniserver? I installed their defaut install which came with their bungee cord then hub and then each server.
    When you go to the HUB it has a compass for navigation to each of the servers. The problem i have is that every game is listed in this Game Menu. I do not see any plugins for this to look for the config file to remove unwanted names of servers that are not installed.

    Their Support is reallly hit and miss with help and that depends on how long it takes for a reply so i figure i would try here.

    Im trying to find the config file for their Game menu. it has to pull the info from somewhere but where?
  7. The mini games do not have a configuration, they're hard coded in the .jar
  8. Thanks for the reply
    So the compass menu that pops up with the server selection for the minigames is all in the jar ?
    the setup is basically
    and separate servers for each mini game

    Guess i was figuring the menu compass was reading some sort of config file which i could not find
    anyway thank you for the reply
    faster then the hosting provider
  9. Just bought one if their American servers, let's see what happens
  10. They are bad they scam $35 from me
  11. Do you mind sharing proof of it?
  12. I've been using their service for over s year now, they haven't scammed a single $ from me.
  13. I ended up going with them as well. have had them for over a month now. after the first 3 days, the server would not start for 3 hours, it was resolved by itself and i was kind of worried. yesterday, their entiere site went down, we where kicked from the server, but 2-3 minutes later we where up and running again. these are the only two days with issues we have had in over a month, seems to be running good.

    They can be a tad slow on support tickets, anything from 2-3 hours til the next day answers from them. but stable.
  14. Ok well i got my server back and they have not repley to me in about 4+ days they are good but the support tickets are slow
  15. hello scalacube i bought a server yesterday but it doesn't work how can i get my mony back?
  16. They are the worst
    I have been with shockbyte for the past 7 months with no issues and prices are not bad
  17. They are the worst. right now i am on Wulfhosting but when i get enough money i am going to switch to pebblehosting 1/g
  18. It almost seems like you own this company.
  19. what company i wish i owned a company but i don't have that much money.

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