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  1. I tried McProHosting for about 6 months. They are far too overpriced and support is bad, with vague answers and overall just unprofessional. The performance wasn't very good either, along with a FTP client that was hard to navigate.

    After them I tried Shockbyte for 7 months. Their support is ABSOLUTE TRASH. I get referred to submit a ticket from their live chat and waited a week with no reply. I went to their live chat again and they said they escalated my ticket and "notified the front desk". Another 2 days pass and I ask the same questions. After 3 escalations and 10+ notifications to the front desk, my ticket is unanswered still. Very nice "24/7 Dedicated Support Team". This was the last straw. Theyre priced fairly but suck.

    And so here I am looking for another host. I'm looking for good performance and support that isnt shit thats not too overpriced. I looked at Deploys but reviews from actual customers seem mediocre. Any suggestions from server owners, not advertisers/affiliates?
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  2. NodeCraft is expensive but they have the best support and performance I've been with them for over 2 years now and have no doubts
  3. There are two main tradeoffs when looking at hosts. In general, you can have cheap but poor quality, or expensive but great quality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    Tell us a little more about your server and I can recommend a few hosts depending on your needs.

    Are you a small, medium, or large server?
    If you are medium or large have you thought about renting out a dedicated server?

    Also take a look at this link:
  4. You pay like 2,49/GB USD and expecting high-quality support? Well.. In this case you get for what you've paid for
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  5. That isn't really true about every company. Pebblehost, for example, which is the one I suggest to the OP, starts from as low as 1$/Gb and their support is extremely fast (average discord response time is around 10 minutes). Their servers performance is also great. I always get around 20 tps plus their node stats are actually public so you can see that yourself.
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  6. I have so far had a very positive experience with Sparked Host. Both budget and premium plans hold up well and support tickets are responded to quite quickly on Discord, on site support is better than most in my experience.
  7. 10 minute response time????? That is not extremely fast at all thats terrible!

    EDIT: I don't really get why you guys think this is so funny if anything I should be the one laughing at yall cause I get instant support like who has time to wait 10 minutes
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  8. I've checked that thread but can't find a solid host. Price isn't that big of a problem unless they...well, suck. I run a medium server on 1.14 with about 30 players and 35 plugins.
  9. But a week for a simple question (still haven't answered)? This isn't even in the ranks of bad support anymore. It's nonexistent.
  10. Do you really need support that bad? If so what for? If you don't really need it just go with a host that has the best performance and eliminate support as a factor.
  11. I suppose, but I can't find a good one that many people recommend. Every forum I visit is just affiliates trying to promote their own hosting service, or spontaneous recommendations of random hosts.
  12. The reality though your almost always going to need support even if a drive dies or the network being "funny".
  13. If you want a really good host go with Nodecraft they are expensive but you get what you pay for.
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  14. Hopefully, you're just trolling...

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