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  1. How good is a
    Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 4 c/ 4 t 3.2 GHz+ 32 GB 3 x 120 GB SSD for a Network with All of the following:


    Factions 7GB
    Prison 6GB
    Hub-1 1GB
    Hub-2 1GB
    Skyblock 7GB
    KitPvP: 5GB

    Other Things:
    2-GB Teamspeak

    3GB RAM Spare.

    How Many Players can It Handle.
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  2. latiku


    The 1225v2 is pretty low-end for an E3 but I've heard from some that it could bottleneck roughly 300 players.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. agreed

    Maybe cut down on RAM usage tho
  5. I think you overestimate RAM usage. Java does not do well when you just keep throwing unnecessary extra RAM at it.

    Those servers should do fine with a decent amount of players. Unless you have a reason to expect a substantially large amount of players, that will be fine.
  6. Dont even run multiple servers, gather your playerbase first and expand when you get players....

    (unless you're using ads to get them when you release??)